Friday, March 20, 2009

All Of This From A Chicken

I visited a farm this week. A real working farm. Complete with chickens, pigs, cows, horses, and dogs. While there, I learned some things about some of the animals, I didn't know. One thing in particular, was a fact about chickens and laying eggs. It appears that the frequency in which a chicken lays eggs is a direct result of how much sun light they are subjected to. During the long summer days, chickens lay more eggs than during the shortened winter days. Now, maybe you already knew that, but I had no idea. Of course, you may be wondering how knowing this fact really helps you, and I would have to say unless you're raising chickens, I'm not sure it's really something you have to know.

Its just that facts like this often get me to thinking. Thinking about the awesomeness of our Creator. When you mix truths like this with other truths it speaks volumes about God's intelligent design. How anyone can question the idea of a divine Creator leaves me dumbfounded. I mean just think about it. Bees and other bugs fly from flower to flower helping to pollinate them. Accident or divine design? A process in which water evaporates, condensates, and then falls as rain. Then there's forces like gravitational forces, electrical forces, and magnetic forces. A sun that constantly burns but is never consumed. An earth that is exactly far enough away from the sun to keep us from freezing or burning up. A never ending space full of innumerable galaxies.

Of course, nothing I've ever seen screams intelligent design quite like the times I've held my two newborn babies in my hands. How anyone can hold to the philosophy that somehow all we see around us is the result of nothing more than chance truly astounds me. Evidence of our Creator is all around us. From chickens to far reaching galaxies.

Man's futile attempt to deny God's existence will always fall short. I wonder how tickled God gets when mankind in his arrogance tries to drum up arguments disproving the very Creator who gave them the ability to make any kind of argument. I kinda feel like He just kicks back, paints a sunrise sky with colors He created, in the sky He created, so that on the earth He created, mankind, who He created, can catch a glimpse of the creativity of a God who is real.