Friday, December 4, 2009

Snow....Great Performance, God!

Frozen precipitation falling from the sky is something you don't see very often in Texas. Perhaps that's why we all go so crazy when we see a little bit of it begin to fall. As I write this, my two little boys are in the back yard making snow angels. Well, not really making snow angels but they are laying on the ground making the motions of making snow angels. Although the snow is falling, there is not any on the ground. Of course, all those from up north look at us and think we're all crazy because it's something that they see regularly. Its just a regular part of life for them come winter time.

But, think about it for a minute. The amazing process of evaporation, condensation, and then precipitation is a pretty awesome thing. And when that precipitation is in the form of small ice crystals it's even more amazing. And when it coats the landscape with a layer of white, its a beautiful thing. Whether you've seen it a million times or once in your lifetime, this act of God is still an incredible thing to behold.

How often do we get so accustomed to all the amazing performances of God that we fail to be wowed by it anymore? He paints the sky like a canvas as the sun rises or sets and we hardly even notice. Every night we nod off to sleep under a vast expanse full of planets and stars and rarely stop to take it all in. The flowers in the spring, the leaves in the fall, thunderstorms, and boisterous winds are all breathtaking performances by our Creator that we don't always allow to take our breath away anymore. The birds sing melodies and the squirrels do death defying acrobatics jumping from tree to tree and we seldom pay any attention to them. God's miraculous works surround us everyday and if we'll pause for a moment to take it in, we will indeed be wowed by it all.

The miracle of tiny ice crystals falling from the sky is just as awesome today as the first time it ever happened. The only thing that's changed the "wow" factor is our perspective. We've seen it before so it no longer blows us away like it does our children. Slow down today and take in part of His creation and allow Him to wow you with it again. I mean, come on, we're talking about tiny, little, intricate ice crystals that were formed thousands of feet in the air and then slowly float to the ground...that's an awesome performance by our Creator!!! I'm thinking He deserves a standing ovation for that!