Sunday, January 27, 2008


With the upcoming Superbowl, there is a lot of talk about the Patriots being perfect. Never has any team gone 19-0 during a season, but this year the Patriots have a legitimate shot. Nobody really knows what's gonna happen this coming weekend, but should New England come out on top, are they really perfect? I mean, sure they came through the season without a loss, but is that really perfect. Although, they will be elated about that kind of achievement, and will be considered one of the best teams ever, I don't think you can call them perfect. Perfect in wins perhaps, but not perfect overall. Interceptions, fumbles, missed tackles, blown coverages, late hits, false starts, holding, dropped passes all have to be considered when talking about perfection.

Of course, the Patriots have minimal mistakes compared to some teams which is a main reason for their incredible run this year. But here's the point, in our human state of imperfection, we become very good a comparing ourselves to others. Because none of us are truly perfect, we compare ourselves to others imperfections. Throughout this season, I have heard it over and over and over again, as sporting gurus have tried to compare the Patriots to other great teams from times past. The truth of the matter is, it doesn't matter what we think, there really isn't any comparison. Who knows who would win if New England played the 72 Dolphins, or the 85 Bears, or the Joe Montana 49ers, or the Troy Aikman, Emmit Smith Cowboys. I'm sure there is that testosterone thing working in those players from the past that make them want to suit up just one more time and take their best shot at this year's Patriots. The fact is this though, they can never play those teams so the argument is a moot point.

There have been great teams before and there will be great teams to come. And should the Patriots finish 19-0, they probably won't be the last. Regardless, of the win-loss record, no team will ever be perfect though. There will always be dropped passes, and penalties, and fumbles, and all the other things that make a coach go nuts.

So, what am I trying to say with all of this? The Patriots are an awesome team but they are not perfect. Closer than most, but still not perfect. The true test of success isn't about being perfect, it comes from knowing you gave it all you've got. Regardless of whether you win or lose, it all comes down to that. 100% is all you can give. New England can beat everyone else, but still come up short in the effort category. Only they know where they stand there. When those men walk off the field for that final game, they will know if they had something left in their tank. Winning the Superbowl and finishing 19-0, will cement their place in history, and will send the message that they are better than everyone else this year. However, where they fall in comparison to everyone else really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. What they did with what they had is the true test of greatness.

So, it is with us. You can spend your life comparing yourself to everyone else. Some of those comparisons will leave you feeling great about yourself, while others will make you feel you don't measure up. Only one comparison is important though. How did your efforts measure up to your potential. Like those ball players, when you come to the end of it all, only you know if you have anything left in the tank. You'll be left with questions like, "Did I do just enough to get by?" or "Did I leave it all out there on the playing field of life?" You were created by God to do some great things, so give it everything you've got. Don't compare yourself to anyone else. Live life to its fullest and end your life on empty.

And, oh yeah, Go Patriots! No, Go Giants! Oh man, this is a hard one for a Cowboy fan!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

God Is Near

Once again, my children have taught me a powerful spiritual truth. One day last week, I was on the treadmill and my wife was about to take a shower. She was going to leave our two boys in the living room watching TV while she went upstairs to take her shower. She explained to our 5 year old that I was in the next room if he needed anything and headed upstairs confident everything would be fine. Little did she know, how crazy things were going to get in only about 5 minutes.

Just so you get a good picture of how everything was set up, the boys were in the living room and I was literally just a few feet away. All my son had to do in order to see me was walk around the corner. We have a couple of infant gates set up in order to keep our little one from wandering up the stairs. So, basically the boys had no way of getting upstairs to their mother. If they needed anything though I was right there. Now, when I am on the treadmill I usually listen to my Ipod, and this day was no different. So, I'm working out and my wife is in the shower and neither of us can hear what is going on with our boys. Somewhere, within the 10 minutes I was finishing up on the treadmill and my wife was in the shower, our 5 year old hit panic mode. Either he had forgotten I was in the other room, or hadn't been listening when his mother told him, but he looked around and didn't see any adults. He got startled and tried to go upstairs, only to find the infant gates standing in his way. As anyone does when they are in panic mode, all reason went out the window. Apparently, he proceeds to run out the back door and then runs around the house to the front door in an attempt to get into the house that way so he can go upstairs. The front door, which stays locked pretty much all the time, is locked and he is unable to get in the house. To make matters worse, our 20 month old followed right behind him since he left the back door wide open.

They couldn't have been out there more than a few minutes when my wife gets out of the shower and hears screaming and someone banging on the door. She runs down stairs to find our two boys on the front porch completely hysterical. Meanwhile, Dad is finishing up on the treadmill and is oblivious to the whole thing. Thank God, they were both on the porch when my wife found them and not in the middle of the street or something worse.

After breathing a huge sigh of relief, God showed me something with the whole thing. Throughout our life, there are times when fear can creep in. It can hit us from any number of directions. Finances, marriage, career, health, future, you name it, fear can be generated from any of them. And when fear comes, there are times when our tendency may be to hit the panic button. You know those times when you can't see how to fix it. You find yourself at whits end, and all hope is lost. Its moments like this, when like my son, all reason flies out the window and can give way to some pretty crazy decisions on our part.

Here's my point to the whole thing. In the middle of it all, God is near. Just like in my sons' story, where I was right there, our heavenly Father is right by our side. Of course, he doesn't have an Ipod on and he isn't oblivious to what's happening, but the point is, he is there with us regardless of whether we feel him, see him, or hear him. God is there, and in order to find comfort in those crazy times, we simply have to run to him. We have to learn to find him in the middle of it all. Sometimes that may seem difficult when we find ourselves surrounded by all life's stuff, but trust me the more we do it, the easier it gets. God is our refuge, our peace, our defender, and our ever present help in time of trouble. So, when life hits hard, look for him. Trust me, God is near.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Sometimes You Just Have To Laugh

What a week!!! My wife and I just experienced the excitement of launching a new church last Sunday. Following a year of preparation, it was a long awaited day for us, and as the day approached we were so excited. Not sure about her, but Saturday night I could hardly sleep a wink. If you have ever looked forward to something, I'm sure you can relate. Anyway, our emotional high on Sunday, gave way to a very draining week once Monday arrived. Monday night our 20-month old began 6 hours of continuous vomiting at about 10:00. I'm talking about every 20 minutes for several hours. Needless to say neither my wife or I got much sleep. Tuesday, both of us felt as though we might have what our son had, but we never vomited like he did. Now, I'm convinced that it was just a lack of sleep. I'm not sure if it was Tues. or Wed. (the days all run together) but we learned that my father-in-law was in a serious car accident. Fortunately, he was unharmed other than some minor injuries which is a testimony of God's protection having seen pictures of the wrecked car. Wednesday night our 20-month old wakes up at about 1:00 am with some issue. Not sure, if it was gas, a tummy ache or what, but he was up for about an hour and a half. Then at 3 am our 5 year old woke up asking mommy to pray for him. No sooner than he got the words out, the vomiting started. We prayed, and prayed, and prayed, and prayed and the vomiting continued for 11 hours. I was able to catch a little sleep that night as my wife stayed up with him and I took care of the little one. Then, Thursday night my wife got it. Finally, everything seemed to get back to normal on Friday and the Stone household was able to get a full night sleep. Wow, what a week huh?

On the way to church yesterday my wife and I were talking about the events of this past week. Of course, we recognize the enemy when we see him. I had spoken on Sunday about God Dreams and my first point of the message was that God Dreams attract adversity. Talk about having to practice what you preach. After our week of adversity, I began to chuckle a little. I told Lori, it all just makes me want to laugh. Our enemy, the devil, wants to discourage us and will stop at nothing to do so. He just doesn't get it though. We are on a mandate from God and God will stop at nothing to see that we win. So what, it was a rough week, there was a new church planted in Montgomery, TX that in the years to come will win the lost, disciple believers, impact the community, and shake the nations. When you look at it that way, it just makes you want to laugh.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Worth The Pain

Men are a peculiar species. I can say that because I am a card carrying member of that sect of humanity. Actually, anyone can say that, because its true. I guess it could be just me that's a bit peculiar, by I really don't think I'm alone here. I think its us guys as a whole. If not in whole, at least for the most part. Case in point, picture me in the woods with a .12 gauge shotgun. An old school shotgun, no recoil pad, just a hard, real wood stock that would flat out knock some skinny boy on his can. Lot's of boom, lots of bang, and lots of kick. Now, since I am a couple of decades removed from the skinny boy days, there's not much of a chance of me getting knocked on my can. No, I just get some major pain inflicted in my right shoulder. Now, although I've never been a hunter, I have shot deer rifles before but this was my first crack at a .12 gauge. I knew straight up, this puppy was going to kick a bit, but never thought it would kick as much as it did. Six days later, I'm still feeling the effects of the shotgun recoil in my shoulder.
What's so crazy about the whole thing, and I'm sure you men can relate, after the first shot I had to do it again. Knowing full well that this thing was going to flat hurt, I just had to do it one more time. Now, if it was just me out there, I would be inclined to think that I was just a bit on the weird side. But, I wasn't alone. I was out there with a buddy of mine and both of us were commenting on how much it hurt but we just had to shoot the shotgun again. I would understand it a little better perhaps if we were shooting at some food to bring home to the family, but we weren't shooting at anything but an old structure and some glass. No real pay off or reward for our pain. Just the satisfaction that we were making lots of noise, destroying something, and handling a gun with lots of power. That's it. Plain and simple. And for that simple pleasure, we figured it was worth the pain. So we just kept shooting. Laughing and rubbing our shoulders after each shot.
Ok, so we men are a little peculiar like that, but really life is not all that different for all of us. Life produces bumps and bruises along the way. We stick our necks out to connect with others only to find ourselves "rubbing our shoulders" so to speak. The fact is, building relationships with others produces pain in our lives from time to time. Some of those wounds are simple surface wounds, while others are deep wounds that take years or maybe a lifetime to heal. So, what do we do, quit and withdraw from others? Some do, but that is truly a tragedy. We were never met to live life alone. God created us to live in fellowship with one another. What happens when we withdraw and isolate ourselves is we eliminate our ability to feel the true spirit of family that God desires for us to experience. Sure, its not perfect because it involves people, but it beats isolation hands down. Of course, opening yourself up to others is risky, but isn't everything else in life. Trust me the payoff is worth it.

So, go for it, but get ready cause this thing kicks quite a bit. Believe me though, you'll find yourself rubbing your wound afterward, only to want another shot. Man, life is a blast!!!