Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Worth The Pain

Men are a peculiar species. I can say that because I am a card carrying member of that sect of humanity. Actually, anyone can say that, because its true. I guess it could be just me that's a bit peculiar, by I really don't think I'm alone here. I think its us guys as a whole. If not in whole, at least for the most part. Case in point, picture me in the woods with a .12 gauge shotgun. An old school shotgun, no recoil pad, just a hard, real wood stock that would flat out knock some skinny boy on his can. Lot's of boom, lots of bang, and lots of kick. Now, since I am a couple of decades removed from the skinny boy days, there's not much of a chance of me getting knocked on my can. No, I just get some major pain inflicted in my right shoulder. Now, although I've never been a hunter, I have shot deer rifles before but this was my first crack at a .12 gauge. I knew straight up, this puppy was going to kick a bit, but never thought it would kick as much as it did. Six days later, I'm still feeling the effects of the shotgun recoil in my shoulder.
What's so crazy about the whole thing, and I'm sure you men can relate, after the first shot I had to do it again. Knowing full well that this thing was going to flat hurt, I just had to do it one more time. Now, if it was just me out there, I would be inclined to think that I was just a bit on the weird side. But, I wasn't alone. I was out there with a buddy of mine and both of us were commenting on how much it hurt but we just had to shoot the shotgun again. I would understand it a little better perhaps if we were shooting at some food to bring home to the family, but we weren't shooting at anything but an old structure and some glass. No real pay off or reward for our pain. Just the satisfaction that we were making lots of noise, destroying something, and handling a gun with lots of power. That's it. Plain and simple. And for that simple pleasure, we figured it was worth the pain. So we just kept shooting. Laughing and rubbing our shoulders after each shot.
Ok, so we men are a little peculiar like that, but really life is not all that different for all of us. Life produces bumps and bruises along the way. We stick our necks out to connect with others only to find ourselves "rubbing our shoulders" so to speak. The fact is, building relationships with others produces pain in our lives from time to time. Some of those wounds are simple surface wounds, while others are deep wounds that take years or maybe a lifetime to heal. So, what do we do, quit and withdraw from others? Some do, but that is truly a tragedy. We were never met to live life alone. God created us to live in fellowship with one another. What happens when we withdraw and isolate ourselves is we eliminate our ability to feel the true spirit of family that God desires for us to experience. Sure, its not perfect because it involves people, but it beats isolation hands down. Of course, opening yourself up to others is risky, but isn't everything else in life. Trust me the payoff is worth it.

So, go for it, but get ready cause this thing kicks quite a bit. Believe me though, you'll find yourself rubbing your wound afterward, only to want another shot. Man, life is a blast!!!

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