Sunday, January 27, 2008


With the upcoming Superbowl, there is a lot of talk about the Patriots being perfect. Never has any team gone 19-0 during a season, but this year the Patriots have a legitimate shot. Nobody really knows what's gonna happen this coming weekend, but should New England come out on top, are they really perfect? I mean, sure they came through the season without a loss, but is that really perfect. Although, they will be elated about that kind of achievement, and will be considered one of the best teams ever, I don't think you can call them perfect. Perfect in wins perhaps, but not perfect overall. Interceptions, fumbles, missed tackles, blown coverages, late hits, false starts, holding, dropped passes all have to be considered when talking about perfection.

Of course, the Patriots have minimal mistakes compared to some teams which is a main reason for their incredible run this year. But here's the point, in our human state of imperfection, we become very good a comparing ourselves to others. Because none of us are truly perfect, we compare ourselves to others imperfections. Throughout this season, I have heard it over and over and over again, as sporting gurus have tried to compare the Patriots to other great teams from times past. The truth of the matter is, it doesn't matter what we think, there really isn't any comparison. Who knows who would win if New England played the 72 Dolphins, or the 85 Bears, or the Joe Montana 49ers, or the Troy Aikman, Emmit Smith Cowboys. I'm sure there is that testosterone thing working in those players from the past that make them want to suit up just one more time and take their best shot at this year's Patriots. The fact is this though, they can never play those teams so the argument is a moot point.

There have been great teams before and there will be great teams to come. And should the Patriots finish 19-0, they probably won't be the last. Regardless, of the win-loss record, no team will ever be perfect though. There will always be dropped passes, and penalties, and fumbles, and all the other things that make a coach go nuts.

So, what am I trying to say with all of this? The Patriots are an awesome team but they are not perfect. Closer than most, but still not perfect. The true test of success isn't about being perfect, it comes from knowing you gave it all you've got. Regardless of whether you win or lose, it all comes down to that. 100% is all you can give. New England can beat everyone else, but still come up short in the effort category. Only they know where they stand there. When those men walk off the field for that final game, they will know if they had something left in their tank. Winning the Superbowl and finishing 19-0, will cement their place in history, and will send the message that they are better than everyone else this year. However, where they fall in comparison to everyone else really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. What they did with what they had is the true test of greatness.

So, it is with us. You can spend your life comparing yourself to everyone else. Some of those comparisons will leave you feeling great about yourself, while others will make you feel you don't measure up. Only one comparison is important though. How did your efforts measure up to your potential. Like those ball players, when you come to the end of it all, only you know if you have anything left in the tank. You'll be left with questions like, "Did I do just enough to get by?" or "Did I leave it all out there on the playing field of life?" You were created by God to do some great things, so give it everything you've got. Don't compare yourself to anyone else. Live life to its fullest and end your life on empty.

And, oh yeah, Go Patriots! No, Go Giants! Oh man, this is a hard one for a Cowboy fan!

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