Friday, January 30, 2009

3 Feet Of Pure Energy

Oh, to be young again. As I watch my young toddler running around the house, I'm at a loss to where he finds all that energy. I'm talking from the moment he wakes up in the morning until his eyes finally close at night. He goes through each day at full throttle. He knows no other speed but fast. He runs, he jumps, he climbs, and sometimes he climbs, runs, and jumps at the same time (those are the scary moments). He's like 3 feet of pure energy and if I could figure a way to bottle it up I could make a fortune. I know I'd buy several bottles for myself.

Wouldn't be great to have that kind of energy as we get older. Imagine what all we could accomplish with our increased knowledge and the energy of a 2 year old. But the truth is, as we start to get older, that kind of energy starts to subside a bit. I think there are a lot of variables as to why that happens. I won't touch the habitual lack of exercise that we so often fall into or our poor diets, cause since it's the first of the year I know we are all working on those. Stress, worry, responsibilities, life's struggles, fears, uncertainty, and wounds all have a way of weighing us down and zapping all of our energy. All of these things can lead to exhaustion and burn out. You know that feeling. You wake up in the morning and just want to stay in bed.

We all face moments like these. Thankfully, we have a power source that is continually available to us in order to recharge, and re-energize us. Scripture tells us that those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. Waiting on him is not a difficult thing. It just requires us to include him in our life's journey. When we go at it alone and try to take on all of life's obstacles on our own, we may hurdle a few but eventually we'll come to the end of our ability. That's where we meet exhaustion, burn-out, and defeat. We were never created to take on this thing on our own. The God who created us, created us to be dependant on Him. Not an unhealthy kind of dependency in which we never grow up and accept responsibility for ourselves, but that's another topic altogether. God created us to need Him. There are things in life we can't fix on our own and it requires us to reach out to Him.

If you listen to the news right now, it would be really easy to get into fear. The forecast for our immediate future is not all that bright. And our leaders in Washington have no real answers. Sure, they are going to try something, but it is nothing more than a shot in the dark. If we rest in the fact that we've got those in Washington with our best interests at heart, we will be grossly disappointed. If our confidence is in our job, it can be shattered in a moment. If our trust is in our investment portfolio, things don't look good. If we are confident in our self and our abilities, at some point they will come up short. But, when we learn to rest in Him. When we learn to trust in Him, and find our confidence in Him, regardless of what is going on around us, we can find the strength to handle it all. God is an unlimited source of energy and He is just waiting on us to turn to Him to re-energize us. Let's learn to wait on Him.

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