Friday, October 30, 2009

Pets...You Got To Love Them...Or Do You?

I'm not much for pets. Although, growing up we always had pets in our home, I was never the one that took "ownership" of those pets. If I remember correctly, I have personally had only two pets that I would call my own. A gold fish and a rabbit. The gold fish lived a very long time, while the rabbit was not so fortunate.

Now, although I don't own any pets nor do I want any, I do like animals. I remember growing up, my grandfather had a small farm with chickens, dogs, a mean rooster, and a pony. I loved spending time there in the summer. Hanging out there with all those animals was great. Well, except the mean rooster, that thing I hated. I love going to Seaworld, wildlife refuges, and the zoo, as long as its not in the heat of summer in southeast Texas. I remember when my wife and I went to the Canadian Rockies, how fascinated we both were as we encountered elk, moose, sheep, reindeer, and other forms of wildlife. Then there was the time we went to the zoo while in Belize City. We knew from the get-go that this adventure was going to be great when we encountered the swarming African killer bees at the entrance of the zoo. Yes, someone in our group got attacked by them, but lived to tell about it. To be honest, that wasn't near as exciting as the Tapir that sprayed body fluids out of its hind-end on a lady in our group. Oh, I almost forgot the time I stopped on the side of the road to check out what these people were looking at only to see a nest of bald eagles. I love that kind of stuff.

Even though I like animals, still, I don't really care that much for pets around the house. Maybe, its the responsibility of taking care of them. Maybe, its the trail of hair, or smell, or damaged property they leave behind. Maybe, its the rubbing up against my leg when I don't want it to, or the jumping in my lap when I don't want it to, or the barking at night. I'm not sure, but for whatever reason, I don't like pets. By the way, as I'm writing this there are some dogs in the neighborhood barking. I'm not sure what they are barking at, but they are barking. Barking non-stop. There are times that doesn't bother me, then there are times when it drives me up the wall. Right now is one of those times, its driving my up the wall.

While I'm not all that much into having pets, I know there are those who will read this and be floored by that fact. There will be cat lovers and dog lovers, cat/dog lovers, fish lovers, bird lovers and other pet lovers who will struggle with the fact that there is someone who doesn't really care for their Fluffy, or Spot, or Polly.

Isn't it wonderful though that we are created so different? There are those who own one pet and that's plenty. There are those who own a lot and want more. And then, there are those like me who have none and want none. God made us all so unique. It's really an awesome design by our Creator. It doesn't end with our affinity for animals either. Some of us like rock, others like country, while others like big band, or rap, or pop. Some of us like broccoli, while others like potatoes. Some like steak, while others like fish. Some of us are athletic, while some are artistic. Some of us are creative, while others are logical. On and on the list goes. We are created so vastly different that even though there are those with like interests or talents, there is still nobody just like us.

Think about that... Over 6 billion people on this planet and you are one of a kind. God created us in such a way that only we can love and respond to Him in the way that we were uniquely created too. I truly believe that God is glorified in us simply becoming the person we were created to be. It is in that moment when we genuinely become fully alive that God's glory is clearly revealed in us.

What is so crazy is that there are those who try so desperately to attempt to squeeze us into a mold that we were never created to squeeze into. They struggle with the idea that one could actually be different than they are or have different likes and dislikes. Scripture tells us to be careful not to allow this world to squeeze us into its mold. Rather, we are to allow God to help us to become all He has created us to become. Only then will life be completely satisfying.

I'm not sure how I got all of that out of me not being a pet person, but somehow I did. I do know one thing, I've got to take a break now and find out what these crazy dogs are barking at. They are driving me up the wall.

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