Friday, January 15, 2010

2010 Is Here!

2010 is here. Can you believe it? Remember back in the late 1900s when many thought 2000 was going to be the end of it all. Now, here we are 10 years later and some have shifted their focus to 2012 as a possible end to the world. Nobody knows for sure, but the Mayan calendar ends and for some reason someone can't figure a way to add a few years to it.

Who knows, maybe those who are thinking 2012 is the end are right. The truth is there is coming a day when the world as we know it today we be radically different. There is coming a day when Christ will indeed return and set up His throne on this planet, and with every passing day we move a little closer to that day. For generations, people have declared His return is close. Naturally, because we've screamed it for so long, many now wonder the validity of such a claim. I think we've often erred in trying to set a time and date.

I don't know when God will wrap things up and tell His Son it's time to return, but I do know He will. I know that the Mayan calendar has no bearing on God's time clock no more than our calendar and the year 2000 did. The time of Jesus' birth was set before the foundation of the world as was the day of his return. World governments can't stop it, Hollywood can't script it, and prophets can't pinpoint it.

With every passing year, personally, the sense of urgency with which I live my life, steps up a notch. I become a little less attached to the things of this world and little more focussed on the eternal. As this new year gets into full swing, my prayer is that we all will become more sensitive to the kingdom of heaven and those things which are eternal and less entangled in the things of this world. Yep, Christ is coming soon. At least, we are much closer today than we have ever been.

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