Friday, April 30, 2010

Ah, The Smell Of Spring

I was sitting outside yesterday with a cool breeze blowing in my face and enjoying a plethora of spring time smells. I'm not sure exactly what all those smells were but it was an awesome bouquet of fragrances. Not only fragrances, but the colors were incredible as well. On one bush there were white and purple flowers, on another were pink flowers. There were several with different shades of red, some yellow, some orange and all of them surrounded by a sea of green. As I sat there taking it all in, I began to ponder the awesomeness of God.

Think about it for a moment. I'm not a botanist, but I'm thinking there have to be thousands if not millions of different types of plants. Each of them uniquely designed, with colors spanning the entire spectrum and fragrances that are unmatched by anything man can manufacture. I picture at the moment of creation, God's creativity being expressed like that of a master artist. A little blue here, some red here, green over there, yellow, pink, purple, and teal over there. Let this one have a sweet fragrance, and this one gets a warm, soothing fragrance, while this one gets one that'll wake up the nostrils. On and on, His unlimited creativity painted a picture that's so much more than colors on a canvas. A picture that's alive with His nature, His character, and His life. Sure, the Sistine Chapel is a pretty incredible artistic expression, but is there really any comparison? The Mona Lisa versus roses, or azaleas? Let's face it, nothing we can create even comes close.

The truth is one has to really go out on a limb to hold to the belief that this God does not exist. I mean come on, creation testifies of Him. You can see Him in every color and every fragrance. You can see him in everything we see, hear, smell, taste, and feel. All of it together, screams "There is a Creator and as awesome a creation is, this Creator is even more so!!!" I challenge you today, walk outside and just take it all in. The fragrances, the colors, the life, all of it. And as you do, pause for a minute and let it all remind you of the awesomeness of the God we serve.

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  1. Autry likes the Batman (of course) quote,"It's not what I am underneath, it's what I do that defines me". The master artist, the creator of life, the one who paid the price of my's what He does that defines Him. But with God, even that is an expression of who He is "underneath", his character.