Friday, May 21, 2010

In Search Of Honor

A few weeks ago we took a trip to Dallas to take my 4-year old son to a place called Medieval Times for his birthday. This is a place where you eat a meal while taking in a reenactment of Medieval knights jousting, sword fighting, and engaging in other knightly events. I have to admit it was a really enjoyable evening. And while it was only men acting out the role, there was this bit of awe in the crowd as these knights entered the arena. Sure, they appeared to handle their swords and lances with great skill, but the awe factor was more than that. I think it was just because they were knights and the fact that they carried themselves with this sense of honor. Again, I know they were just actors, but its really impossible to play the part of a knight without the honor thing.

I mean, honor is at the core of being a knight. It's part of their code of chivalry. Honor, bravery, honesty, etc. It's what defines them. It's what makes a true knight. It's what makes a good knight. It's what sets them apart from all others. Its the balance between handling a sword well, while at the same time taming the inner man with the same manner of excellence.

As I watched these actors play out this role, I couldn't help but think, "where have those men gone?" I began to take a bit of a snapshot in my head at our society today, and I was left with that thought. Where are they? Where are those men of honor? Where are those men who are determined to do what's right because its right? Where are those men who refuse to allow integrity to fly out the window when pressure is applied to their life or when dollar signs get in their eyes?

Ok, I know that there are honorable people out there, but it sure seems like they are few and far between. I was talking politics with someone recently and we mentioned the void of great statesmen today. Think about it, how many "Give me liberty or give me death," or "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall" guys do you know? How many Franklins, or Washingtons, or Lincolns are on the scene today? Where are those men whose greatness was determined by the content of their heart and the measure of their character? No, its not a democratic or republican issue, its a national epidemic.

No area of our society has been spared when it comes to this vacuum of honor. Our politicians are simply a mirror image of the spiritual and moral climate of our nation. From Washington to the classroom, to the church doors, to the business world, there's evidence of this decline in honor everywhere you look.

At first glance it can all look a bit hopeless. Yet, I can't help but think that the search for honor will never come up empty if that man I see in the mirror every morning will simply determine to live an honorable life. If he'll simply make the decision to do what's right because its right and let the chips fall wherever they fall. If he'll choose integrity over compromise. If he'll determine to please God at the expense of pleasing men. If he'll take responsibility for his actions even when its the most difficult road to take. If he'll prefer others at the expense of self. Then every morning in that image I see in the mirror, I'll find honor.

No, honor didn't fade out with era of the knights. And, no it didn't end with the Washingtons or Lincolns. And, it'll be here long after the "Greatest Generation" has left, if each and every one of us will determine to take a hard look in the mirror every morning.

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