Friday, July 1, 2011

The Ancient Secret That Gave Eagles Flight

A long, long time ago, on a far away and distant shore

Lived a group of eagles, who had forgotten how to soar.

These eagles were easy to find, for they never soared in the sky,

But, hung around chickens and turkeys, and other birds that didn’t fly.

As a matter of fact if you didn’t look close you would easily have thought

Since these eagles couldn’t soar, then eagles they were not.

For its true you never see eagles, hopping like chickens on the ground

No, they were meant to soar, yes in the sky is where they’re found

But these eagles had been grounded far too many days and nights

That none of them knew the old and ancient secret that gave eagles flight

These eagles were ruled by a lion, one that was cruel to the core.

Some thought him to be evil, yes one to be abhorred.

Though its true many liked him not, nobody would ever say,

For fear of his wrath it was better just the think, yet never ever to say.

But the lion wasn’t alone, for he had a very dear old pal

A chameleon who was slick, and who was always on the prowl.

Together they worked hard to keep every eagle on the ground

For they knew what could happen if that ancient secret was ever found

Yes, these two knew the truth, that when eagles learn to soar

It means that those eagles can never be controlled anymore.

Since, the lion and chameleon, loved power and control

Making sure those eagles never flew was their biggest goal.

So they tried with all their might and their plan worked great

Till, one day something changed, yep, some call it fate

It was as if the very One who created those eagles to fly

Reminded them who they were, and that they belonged in the sky

Still the lion and chameleon demanded it was not true

But the eagles could no longer be tricked, for now they knew

Then the lion and chameleon came together and agreed

No eagle shall ever fly, or there will be trouble yes indeed.

The eagles couldn’t take it anymore, so the decided they would leave

They would find a place where they’d fly, at least that’s what they believed

The journey it was long and many eagles died along the way

But just for a chance to fly it was worth it all, every one of them would say

Could these eagles ever learn to fly? Its a question only time would tell

Each of them believed they could, but there was still the chance they’d fail

They felt freed from the chameleon, but the lion still held on tight

He sent those whom he trusted to make certain not one eagle took flight

This was not what they expected, not at all what they had planned

The eagles thought by now they would be soaring high above the land

All the eagles grew more impatient with every passing day

For an eagle was born to soar, so they just had to find a way

All the eagles got together and they drew up a mighty plan

They would fight the mean old lion, draw their line in the sand

The lion didn’t like it at all, and he let out an awesome roar

But the truth is a lion is no match for eagles who are learning how to soar.

The lion lost his grip, and with his reign no more intact

The eagles drew one step closer, and were never going back

No more lion, no chameleon, no more of their deceitful lies.

Now with nothing holding them back, surely they could fly

Though they sensed a kind of freedom, they had never sensed before

Still the secret they did not have, the one that made eagles soar.

To discover this ancient secret, there went out an important call

To gather eagles from near and far, the wisest ones of all.

Together they reasoned, thought, and talked ‘bout this thing called flight

Some thought one thing, some disagreed, each thought himself right

No one budging, made things hard, and caused a long delay

Then, like a bolt of lightning, one wise old eagle stood to say

“Is it true that it was our Creator that created us to fly?

Then, why would we exclude Him now, can anyone tell me why?”

Having listened to this wise old eagle, all the eagles said a prayer

Together with their Creator, they worked with the greatest of care.

And when they were done, they were sure the secret had been found

That old and ancient secret, that would get eagles off the ground.

The secret was quite simple, but sometimes it’s just hard to see

With all the powers that want control, and all those lies and deceit

The secret that gives eagles flight is they just need to know they can

Then they need the room to soar, no boundaries from a ruler’s hands

Together with these truths, is one last and important thing

In order to fly and soar real high, eagles need wind beneath their wings.

Those wisest of all eagles gave every eagle this secret to flight

And immediately some of those eagles soared to the highest of heights

Still there were some eagles who never, ever wanted to soar

I know it makes no sense, that they would stay grounded as before

Years went by and some eagles flew high, yes higher and higher still

While others chose the ground and went only as high as the highest hill

There were problems along the way, but no matter what they faced

These eagles just kept soaring, and no others kept up their pace

As a matter of fact, I speak the truth, when others needed a helping hand

It was the eagles who had learned to soar, who helped those distant lands.

It’s true, ask any eagle, and I’m sure each of them would agree

There’s no better place for eagles, than where they can soar and be free

But along the way some things did change, not much but a little tiny bit

Not enough for eagles to worry much, or to make them throw a fit.

Along there came a donkey who had the grandest of ideas

And with him came an elephant whose ideas where different than his.

Now, neither caused big problems for each loved to watch eagles fly

They just wanted to insure nothing brought down eagles from the sky

The eagles trusted the two new comers, and everything it seemed was fine

Until, the donkeys and the elephants began to get a little out of line

Not all of them, but some it seems, wanted to cage the soaring bird

But the cage was very large, so hardly any eagles said a word

The cage grew small as time passed by, and no one knew just why

Was it because of those who didn’t soar, who wanted no other eagle to fly?

Or, was it something else, was it about power and control

Every eagle hoped it was not true, and to this hope they would hold.

But with every passing year, the cage grew smaller still

And the eagles started thinking, and asking, “What’s the deal?”

By this time is was too late for the cage had grown so small

It had grown so small that no eagle could fly, now they could only crawl.

Puzzled, amazed, and stunned, all the eagles hopped around.

“How did we get to this place, where eagles can’t get off the ground?”

But as the eagles took a good look around, they began to see so clear

For an eagle’s eye can see so much that for other’s just doesn’t appear

It was not your normal donkey or even elephant to blame

For among these two were a few who were not at all what they claimed.

Snakes, and lions, and chameleons and a couple scorpions too

I know it’s hard to fathom, but every eagle now knew this was true.

Their plan was masterful, and slowly they took control

Until every eagle was grounded, and well within their hold.

The eagles screamed and wailed but very few would lend an ear

The mighty eagle was doomed, at least that’s what they feared

True it is a tragedy, it is one of grandest size

But never count an eagle out, for eagles know how to rise.

The truth is any eagle can fly, as long as they understand

The old and ancient secret, that makes eagles soar high above the land.

The one about knowing that you can, with no boundaries high or low

And with wind beneath your wings, yes, this is what every eagle needs to know.

And just like that old lion and that chameleon from years and years before

No creature large or even small, is a match for eagles who know how to soar

copyright 2010 Tim Stone

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