Saturday, June 15, 2013

Who's Your Daddy?

I was looking at a picture taken at a recent family gathering.  In the background of the picture there stood a guy who looked a lot like my dad.  At first I thought perhaps it was an older picture taken when my dad was still alive.  As I studied the picture a little more I realized that it was a current photo.  And either the person who looked like my dad had stolen my clothes or it was me. The truth is that as I look in the mirror each day the man I see staring back at me looks more and more like my dad.  There are even times when I say or do something and immediately I realize I'm more like him than I care to admit.  

I'm not the only one either.  I look at my two brothers and I can see him in them too.  Even my two sisters carry in them things that remind me of daddy.  There's no hiding it, Troy Stone's image is seen in all five of his children.  Even his grandchildren can't escape the reality of resembling him in one way or another.  Whether its appearance, character, attitude, personality, etc. we all carry a piece of him in us.  You may have never met my dad.  And since he's gone on to be with Jesus, you'll have to wait to meet him in eternity.  But if you want to catch a glimpse of what he's like, just spend some time with one of his kids.  Trust me, you'll get to know him a little bit.   

The same holds true of Jesus concerning His Father. God's Son, looks just like Him.  He acts just like Him.  He talks just like Him.  Whereas my siblings and I carry with us a part of my dad, Jesus carries with Him the fullness of His Father.  He is exactly like Him in every possible way.  The DNA of His Father runs through Him and They are so much alike that it is impossible to distinguish One from the Other. Jesus told the disciples that once you've seen Him, you've seen the Father.  He told them that He and the Father were One. Jesus declared that He was in the Father and that the Father was in Him. Jesus is a perfect image of His Father.  No Photoshop is needed to correct anything.  They look identical, act identical, and talk identical.  In Christ there is found no deviation from God's character, nature, personality, or likeness.  God made Himself visible in the person of Jesus.  Want to understand who God is and what He's like?  Take a good hard look at His Son.

Scripture tells us that Jesus is the firstborn of all creation.  It declares that those who believe in Him, He has given them the power to become His sons/daughters.  As such, we are given the task of making this invisible God visible.  Following in the footsteps of Jesus, we are to be acting like Him, talking like Him, and looking like Him.  It should be extremely easy for unbelievers to see in us a pretty good resemblance of who God is.

Do we look like Him?  Do we talk like Him?  Do we love like Him? Are we introducing people to Him or are we repelling them?  I can think of no greater way to honor our heavenly Father than to determine to be like Him. The world should have no problem determining, "who's your daddy?"

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