Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Batman and Robin?

I'm not sure but I think Batman and Robin might have stayed at our house last night.  It's hard to be certain because they weren't dressed in their typical superhero outfits.  They didn't even drive up in the famous batmobile.  It was dark when they arrived but I could clearly see that they drove up in a pickup truck hauling a boat behind them.

About an hour earlier I had received a phone call that two guys needed a place to shower and rest for the night.  They were out-of-towners who had spent the entire day from sun up to sun down rescuing people from the flood waters of hurricane Harvey.  They weren't kidding as taking a shower and resting is exactly what they did.  They shared a few stories with us but I discovered quickly that they hadn't come to town to chat and tell stories of their adventures.  They had come to town for one help those in need.  So after a brief chat they hurried off to bed and before the sun came up they were pulling out of the driveway.  They mentioned they had to get back home tonight so they only had the daylight hours of today to finish up what they came to do.

They claimed to be from Cleburne, Tx and talked with a bit of an accent to try and convince me but deep down something told me these guys might have been from a bit further away. Gotham City perhaps?  I don't know, maybe I'm wrong.  One thing I know for sure is that they were indeed superheroes.  The kind of superhero you would never recognize in passing.  They had no capes, or masks, or super-suits.  They looked like ordinary country boys from Texas.  They needed no fanfare and were perfectly content with nobody knowing who they were.  They were on a mission to rescue as many people as they could in the limited time they had.

Growing up I always thought superheroes were fictional characters.  But after last night I know they are real.  I know they are real because I saw them and talked to them.  Sure, maybe it wasn't Batman and Robin, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that two superheroes slept upstairs at my house last night.

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