Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Living On Yesterday's Word

Have you ever found yourself doing something you know God called you to do? You know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you heard his voice and you stepped out in obedience and here you are right in the middle of it. Life is rewarding and fulfilling and you don't see yourself doing anything else.
That is a great place to be, but if we are not careful, we'll miss the next assignment God has for us. It is so important to be in tune to the Spirit of God and to consistently hear his voice. So, many times we hear a word from God and we live on that word alone for too long. Abraham was told by God to take his son Isaac to the mountain to offer him there as a sacrifice. Imagine what would have happened had Abraham not heard God speak to him a second time and tell him to stop. That would have really spelled out disaster for Isaac.
It's great to hear God's voice and to walk in obedience. But, we need to make sure we are constantly hearing his voice or we can really miss it. What is He saying today? What is today's assignment from Him?
We can all get really comfortable where we are and let's face it, hearing a new word from God usually requires us to step out of that comfort zone. As a result, sometimes we are hesitant to listen for that progressive word from the Lord. We fight really hard to hold onto what is, and as a result we fail to be released into the new thing God desires for us to walk in.
Determine to listen for God's voice today and refuse to hold onto the things He longs for you to release.

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